Mutual Funds

Mutu­al Fund is an invest­ment vehi­cle that is made up of a pool of funds col­lect­ed from many investors for the pur­pose of invest­ing in secu­ri­ties such as stocks, bonds, mon­ey mar­ket instru­ments and sim­i­lar assets. One of the main advan­tages of mutu­al funds is that they give small investors access to pro­fes­sion­al­ly man­aged, diver­si­fied port­fo­lios of equi­ties, bonds and oth­er secu­ri­ties, which would be quite dif­fi­cult (if not impos­si­ble) to cre­ate with a small amount of cap­i­tal.

Each share­hold­er par­tic­i­pates pro­por­tion­al­ly in the gain or loss of the fund. Mutu­al fund units, or shares, are issued and can typ­i­cal­ly be pur­chased or redeemed as need­ed at the fund’s cur­rent net asset val­ue (NAV) per share, which is some­times expressed as NAVPS.

With us you can choose from more than 3,000 mutu­al funds from more than 80 fund fam­i­lies with invest­ment options across all asset class­es, sec­tors and dis­ci­plines.


Stocks are a type of secu­ri­ty that sig­ni­fy own­er­ship in a cor­po­ra­tion and rep­re­sents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets and earn­ings. Many com­pa­nies issue stock, also known as equi­ty, to raise funds for the com­pa­ny.

With our bro­ker­age account you can trade stocks list­ed on all the major U.S. exchanges (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ), and unlist­ed over the counter (OTC) secu­ri­ties.


Bonds, com­mon­ly referred to as fixed-income secu­ri­ties, are a debt invest­ment in which an investor loans mon­ey to an enti­ty (cor­po­rate or gov­ern­men­tal) that bor­rows the funds for a defined peri­od of time at a fixed inter­est rate. Bonds are used by com­pa­nies, munic­i­pal­i­ties, states and U.S. and for­eign gov­ern­ments to finance a vari­ety of projects and activ­i­ties. Whether you’re look­ing for to diver­si­fy your port­fo­lio or seek a steady source of income, a bond may be the right invest­ment for you.

With our bro­ker­age account you can access a vari­ety of fixed income secu­ri­ties includ­ing cor­po­rate bonds, munic­i­pal bonds and gov­ern­ment bonds.

Brokered Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

If your pri­ma­ry goals include prin­ci­pal preser­va­tion and income, bro­kered cer­tifi­cates of deposit (CDs) can serve as a sound port­fo­lio foun­da­tion.