Managed Accounts

Personalize an investment portfolio to reflect your financial goals and investing needs with a managed account. A managed account is a professionally managed, personalized investment portfolio tailored to your goals, investing affinities and unique investment needs. With our guidance, you will customize a portfolio with investment vehicles that align with your goals. Throughout the life of your investment, we will monitor and rebalance your portfolio to ensure it remains in tune with your goals and needs.

Take a look at the managed account solutions available. We can guide you to one that fits your situation.

Managed Allocation Portfolio (MAP)

Sometimes getting from point A to point B is as easy as it seems… especially if you have the right map. When the journey involves charting your investment path, we may recommend MAP – Managed Allocation Portfolios to help get you there.

MAP emphasizes asset allocation and determining an investment mix that provides the best balance for your financial goals. You’ll start with a questionnaire that pinpoints your financial goals and investment preferences then work with us to match your profile to one of our model portfolios.

MAP offers a straight path to your financial goals and exclusive benefits to keep you in tune with your investment, including:

  • Customized investment models tailored to your objectives and risk tolerance. Your advisor will analyze your personal investment profile and recommend a mix of investments to help you meet your goals.
  • Financial planning services based on your MAP account type and household account size.
  • One flat fee based on a percentage of your assets. No per-trade commissions.
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing to keep your mutual fund mix aligned with your goals.
  • Online access to your account balance and other account specific information
  • Consolidated statement that allows you to monitor your MAP investment in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format.