Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance


What is Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance?

Medicare-Supplemental-Health-Insurance-283Medicare will pro­vide a cer­tain lev­el of cov­er­age for your med­ical expens­es, but it won’t cov­er all expens­es.

Medicare Sup­ple­men­tal Health Insur­ance cov­ers expens­es not cov­ered in Part A and Part B, such as acupunc­ture, chi­ro­prac­tic ser­vices, deductibles, coin­sur­ance and copay­ments, den­tal care, eye exams, hear­ing aids, trav­el and pre­scrip­tion drugs.


Who needs Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Any­one who is eli­gi­ble for Medicare and is enrolled in Part A and Part B may con­sid­er sup­ple­ment insur­ance. Even if you are in good health and believe that stan­dard Medicare will pro­vide the cov­er­age you need, it may be a good idea to pur­chase sup­ple­men­tal insur­ance. If your health sta­tus changes, your abil­i­ty to enroll for sup­ple­men­tal insur­ance may be com­pro­mised.