Auto Insurance

 Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

auto-insuranceWe pro­vide per­son­al and com­mer­cial auto insur­ance cov­er­age for cars, trucks, and recre­ation­al vehi­cles of every size. Some of our car­ri­ers include Pro­gres­sive, Erie, Wade­na, GuideOne and She­boy­gan Falls.

Why Do I Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?

It makes sense that the more you own, the more risk you have, and the more you stand to lose in the case of a law­suit. In today’s legal world, you stand even greater risk than ever before of being named in a large law­suit, and your auto or per­son­al lia­bil­i­ty lim­its may not be enough cov­er­age for what a jury may award some­one who sues you. In the event that you do not have enough cov­er­age, a legal judg­ment may take away not only your sav­ings or your prop­er­ty, but even your future earn­ings.

Do I need to purchase auto insurance when I rent a car?

Your auto pol­i­cy responds to all your insur­ance needs with the car rental because it is viewed as a “replace­ment” vehi­cle under your auto pol­i­cy. That also includes the deductible you have with col­li­sion, and, oth­er than col­li­sion. The rental insur­ance waves the deductible so you have no out of pock­et expense. It’s impor­tant to weigh this val­ue against what the rental com­pa­ny will charge you for this ben­e­fit. Keep in mind that if you DO NOT car­ry Phys­i­cal Dam­age Cov­er­age (Col­li­sion and Com­pre­hen­sive), your pol­i­cy will not cov­er the phys­i­cal loss to the rental car.

What happens if I have an accident?

If you have a acci­dent, it’s impor­tant to obtain infor­ma­tion on the oth­er par­ty involved from their insur­ance card (ID card). This includes insur­ance com­pa­ny name, phone num­ber and pol­i­cy num­ber. Remain at the scene. Don’t admit fault, do not dis­cuss the acci­dent with any­one except the police or your Insur­ance com­pa­ny or Agent. If the police respond, ask when the police report will be avail­able for pick­up.

What is Gap insurance, and do I need it?

This applies to leased or financed vehi­cles and rep­re­sents the dif­fer­ence in amount of the lease / loan val­ue and the vehi­cle val­ue when a claim is sub­mit­ted. There are fac­tors involved, includ­ing down pay­ments, inter­est rates, length of lease, etc. The Gap insur­ance pays the dif­fer­ence to your lender and/or the leas­ing com­pa­ny.

Is Auto Insurance Required for Learners Permit?

A dri­vers or learn­ers “per­mit” is per­mis­sion to dri­ve and there­fore a tem­po­rary license with cer­tain restric­tions. You can obtain your own auto insur­ance or you can be cov­ered under some­one else’s pol­i­cy such as your par­ents or the vehi­cle own­ers pol­i­cy. It is wise to con­tact your Auto Insur­ance com­pa­ny to con­firm weath­er some­one with their Learn­ers Per­mit needs to be added or if it is not nec­es­sary until they obtain their License. A dri­vers per­mit comes with all the respon­si­bil­i­ties of any­one licensed who oper­ates a motor vehi­cle on pub­lic roads, includ­ing finan­cial respon­si­bil­i­ty.