Affordable Car Insurance

My Car Insurance is too expensive. How can I reduce my costs?

Afford­able car insur­ance is fair­ly easy to achieve when you live in Wis­con­sin. Auto insur­ance rates in Wis­con­sin are some of the low­est in the nation. Only 9 states have low­er rates than Wis­con­sin does.

How­ev­er, there are still things you can do to reduce your insur­ance costs and make car insur­ance more afford­able.

A few things to consider in order to achieve affordable car insurance are:

  • Vehi­cle Choice — Pre­mi­ums vary by vehi­cle — some are theft tar­gets or expen­sive to repair. Check the insur­ance rates before you make a pur­chase.
  • Deductibles — Choos­ing high­er com­pre­hen­sive and col­li­sion deductibles can reduce pre­mi­ums.
  • Col­li­sion Cov­er­age — As your vehi­cle ages and the val­ue declines, it might be a good idea to drop col­li­sion cov­er­age to save mon­ey.
  • Account Cred­it — Many com­pa­nies pro­vide dis­counts if your home and auto are insured togeth­er.
  • Ride Share — If you com­mute, look into ride share vans or alter­na­tives to dri­ving to work every day. Decreased usage may trans­late into a low­er rate class.