Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance Companies:

  • Rain and Hail
  • Diver­si­fied Crop

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance:

Multi-Peril Crop InsuranceRichards Insur­ance has part­nered with 2 dif­fer­ent crop insur­ance com­pa­nies to pro­vide their clients with crop insur­ance through the Fed­er­al Crop Insur­ance Pro­gram. Our agents are ready to serve your crop insur­ance needs whether you are just look­ing into the pro­gram for the first time or a pro­duc­er who has been active in the Fed­er­al Crop Pro­gram in past years. Con­tact our agents today and they will help you set up a pol­i­cy that will best fit your pro­duc­tion needs.

Crop Hail Insurance:

For those farm­ers who are not inter­est­ed in obtain­ing crop cov­er­age through the Fed­er­al Crop Insur­ance Pro­gram, our agency also has Crop Hail Cov­er­age to offer. Through a crop hail pol­i­cy not only can you obtain cov­er­age to pro­tect your crop from dam­age caused by hail, but you can also obtain cov­er­age for such per­ils as wind and green snap. As an added ser­vice to our clients we offer bound cov­er­age on crops after only a 2 hour wait­ing peri­od from the sign­ing of an appli­ca­tion. Con­tact our agents today to get more infor­ma­tion on the crop hail options avail­able to you.