Home Insurance

Home Insurance Coverage

At Richards Insur­ance Agency, we offer top-notch home insur­ance cov­er­age. We offer it at some of the most com­pet­i­tive rates on the mar­ket.

Our home insur­ance plans cov­er a wide range of calami­ties. In addi­tion to stan­dard Home­own­ers Insur­ance we sell Flood Insur­ance through the Nation­al Flood Insur­ance Pro­gram. More infor­ma­tion and quotes are avail­able upon request.

Enjoy home insur­ance cov­er­age from some of the most rep­utable insur­ance car­ri­ers on the mar­ket. We work with Erie, All Star / Newark Mutu­al, Lib­er­ty Mutu­al Fire, IMT Group, Dar­ling­ton Mutu­al, GuideOne and She­boy­gan Falls.

Home Insurance Options:

  • Sin­gle-Fam­i­ly Homes
  • Man­u­fac­tured Homes
  • Dou­ble-wide Homes
  • Mobile Homes
  • Duplex­es
  • Con­dos
  • Apart­ments
  • Farms
  • Farmettes
  • Ranchettes
  • Sea­son­al Dwellings
  • Vaca­tion Homes
  • Work Shops
  • Pole Sheds


Homeowners Insurance

Home­own­ers’ Insur­ance pro­tects you finan­cial­ly in the event of a cov­ered loss. More impor­tant­ly, it pro­vides peace of mind for one of your most valu­able assets, . your home! Prop­er home­own­ers’ insur­ance cov­er­age will ensure that you do not bear the full brunt of rebuild­ing or replac­ing your per­son­al belong­ings, if your home is dam­aged or your belong­ings are destroyed. In addi­tion, a home­own­ers’ pol­i­cy not only pro­tects your dwelling, but it also pro­tects against lia­bil­i­ty claims, detached struc­tures, your per­son­al prop­er­ty and the loss of use as well.


Final­ly, endorse­ments are avail­able under the pro­vi­sions of your home­own­ers’ pol­i­cy to pro­tect against the fol­low­ing:

  • Water back-up of sew­ers and drains
  • Iden­ti­ty theft
  • Guar­an­teed replace­ment cost
  • Per­son­al prop­er­ty replace­ment cov­er­age
  • All risk cov­er­age enhance­ment

Homeowners’ Insurance Addendums

An adden­dum to an insur­ance pol­i­cy, known as an insur­ance rid­er, also pro­vides addi­tion­al cov­er­age to the insured. Richards Insur­ance Agency offers rid­ers on home­own­ers’ poli­cies for the fol­low­ing:

  • Jew­el­ry, furs or oth­er valu­able items
  • Recre­ation­al vehi­cles (boats, ATVs, etc.)
  • Home-based busi­ness cov­er­age

Homeowners’ Insurance Discounts

To those insur­ing their homes with Richards Insur­ance Agency, there are many types of insur­ance dis­counts avail­able. The fol­low­ing are the most com­mon sit­u­a­tions or cir­cum­stances that allow for insur­ance pre­mi­um dis­counts:

  • Low­er your rate by pack­ag­ing the home pol­i­cy with your auto­mo­bile pol­i­cy
  • 1st time home­own­er
  • New­ly con­struct­ed home (10 years or new­er)
  • Alarm sys­tem installed in home
  • Smoke alarms, dead bolts and fire extinguisher(s) in home
  • Group dis­counts through employ­er or asso­ci­a­tion

At Richards Insur­ance Agency, our agents work hard for you. Richards Insur­ance Agency makes use of many home insur­ance car­ri­ers to find the best fit for your home insur­ance needs. It can be dif­fi­cult to know what prod­uct is best for you. Let Richards Insur­ance Agency rec­om­mend the best home­own­ers insur­ance solu­tions. And let us do that at the low­est pos­si­ble price that fit your insur­ance needs.